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February, 1953 issue of Plating


A.E.S. 1953 Convention Committees

Much of the success of an Electroplaters’ Convention is directly dependent on the activities of the General Chairman who, in the case of the 1953 Convention, is Dr. Samuel Heiman.

Convention Committee Chairman Heiman has held virtually every office of the Philadelphia Branch, which includes two very active terms as President in 1949 and 1950. He is currently instructor of the branch sponsored electroplating class at Temple University Community College. It is mainly through Dr. Heiman’s efforts that this class was organized.

Dr. Heiman received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1930 and in 1948 received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania on completing a thesis on a new method of plating on aluminum.

During the period 1935-1942 he acted as plating consultant in the service of Graham, Crowley and Associates; in 1942 he worked in electrochemical research at Battelle Memorial Institute with Dr. Faust and, in 1943, he entered the employment of the Philadelphia Rust Proof Company, where he is Technical Director.

In the field of research Dr. Heiman has been quite active as attested by his several patents and numerous articles. He has received the Naval Ordnance Award for special research during the war.

In the production field, he is responsible for the smooth operation of all processes at Philadelphia Rust Proof Company, a job shop employing some 250 people and set up to perform virtually all commercial plating and inorganic coating operations.
As Chairman of the Convention Committee Dr. Heiman is arranging outstanding social and technical programs that will be of strong interest to all.

Committee Reports
The Branch Exhibits Chairman, Ed Ottens, reports that information pertaining to the exhibits has been circulated to Branch secretaries. It is urged that all platers be on the lookout for the unusual or exceptionally interesting products in their plant for use as exhibit material. For information consult your Branch Secretary or Second Vice-President.

Educational Committee Chairman Fred Fulforth has received several excellent papers for the Convention Technical Session but has expressed a need for even more material, especially papers pertaining to new developments or to new information on a standard practice.

The Hotel Reservations Committee is actively engaged in setting up room arrangements at the Headquarters Hotel, the Benjamin Franklin. Chairman Thomas Rodgers urges that you forward your reservation request to him at 1508 Hampstead Road, Penn Wynne, Pa., by March 15.

Outing Chairman Brooks Ricca is so enthusiastic about the boat trip he has planned for the Convention that he insists it be mentioned in every issue. There will be a planned program for those interested and there will be unorganized loafing and bull sessions for the rest.

An excellent Ladies’ Program has been organized under the direction of the Ladies’ Committee Chairwoman, Mrs. D. R. Robson. It starts off with tea and entertainment Monday afternoon at Wanamakers. In the evening the Metal Finishing Suppliers Association is sponsoring their annual supper dance.

Tuesday the “Aunt Ella” luncheon will be held at the ever-popular Drexelbrook Inn followed by a visit to the famous du Pont Longwood Gardens. On Wednesday there will be the cruise on the “Delaware Belle” with food, fun, and the Plato Party. Mrs. Joan Wiarda will act as hostess. Thursday the ladies will be guests at a special breakfast which will be followed by the ladies’ annual educational lecture. The Grand Finale will be the Grand Banquet on Thursday night.


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