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March, 1953 issue of Plating



Let’s Enlarge The Proceedings ...

THE A. E. S. IS MOVING forward in its value to the industry it serves and to you as individual members. The active and constructive participation of your delegates at the recent Interim Meeting in Columbus is ample proof that the Supreme Society is on the march. The voice of that meeting and its echo were clear—we all want and need a better publication to serve as “the mouthpiece” of our Society.

As you know, we now have two publications and two formats—PLATING and PROCEEDINGS. Each has served a very cherished role in the tradition and growth of our Society. PLATING, with its 12 monthly issues, by nature plays a more temporary role than it should. Its technical value demands that it should be found as a bound volume among your other cherished books, rather than stored as loose monthly issues which usually find their way to the attic or an out-of-sight bookcase. We feel that a change in our publication policy is desirable, so that each member will receive the entire Supreme Society’s published technical material in one handsome bound volume shortly after the beginning of each new year—in addition to the monthly issues of PLATING now being received. This will permit the publication of an enlarged PROCEEDINGS with the PLATING format, containing all the convention papers as usual and, in addition, all the technical papers published in PLATING. The style, including front piece, index and Society information as found in the -present PROCEEDINGS will be retained.

Since under this plan the Society’s publications will be entirely in one format, extra copies of the technical papers in PLATING will be printed each month and accumulated for inclusion in the bound volume along with the convention papers. This procedure will result in sufficient savings to give each member this bound, enlarged volume at no extra cost—a wonderful bargain for all members of the Society.

It is hoped that you will encourage your branch and your delegates to express themselves favorably with respect to this expansion of publication policy at the Philadelphia Convention in 1953, so that each member will receive the enlarged bound volume of the new PROCEEDINGS in 1954.

—Ralph A. Schaefer


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