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March, 1953 issue of Plating


A.E.S. News

Dues Increase
The tellers appointed by President MacStoker, Mr. George Wagner and Mr. George Herrmann, have reported that the amendment to the Constitution providing for an increase of dues in the amount of one dollar, the dollar to be paid into the Research Fund, has been passed by the overwhelming vote of 95 for to 28 against. This vote represents a return from ninety per cent of all the Delegates and reflects the general support of the membership for the principle that the A. E. S. should sponsor research in the field of metal finishing. This dues increase will go into effect with the 1953 fiscal year and as of April 1, 1953 the minimum annual dues will become nine dollars.

A. E. S. Constitution
The 39th Annual Proceedings of the Technical Sessions of the 1952 Convention have been distributed and each member is asked to note that the Constitution and By-Laws may be found on pages 251-266. The printing of the Proceedings was held up until the constitutional amendment vote was in (above) so that each member might have in his possession a completely up-to-date revision.

The Executive Board and Headquarters request that each member of the Society take the few minutes necessary to read the Constitution and By-Laws. The better you know your Society the better and stronger will be the Society and the better can your officers and Headquarters serve you.

I. F. E. in 1955
The Executive Board has given the go ahead signal for the holding of the next Industrial Finishing Exposition in Cleveland in connection with the 1955 Convention by appointing Dr. Leon Westbrook as chairman of the I. F. E. Committee. Other members of the Committee include Howard Blouch, Herberth Head, R. A. Schaefer with D. G. Foulke as secretary. L. Glassner and Associates will again manage the exposition. Plan now to attend the biggest Industrial Finishing Exposition ever.
Dr. Blum To Attend Australian

A. E. S. Federal Convention
On February 9, Dr. and Mrs. William Blum left Washington by plane for a four month trip to Australia. During this trip Dr. Blum will give about 20 lectures to the A. E. S. branches in Australia and to their Institute of Metals and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. It is hoped that these talks will serve not only to inform the electroplaters but also to interest other scientific groups in the possibilities for research in this field.

Dr. Blum will attend the Federal Convention of the three branches in Melbourne on March 18 to 20 where he will give a report on the A. E. S. researches and will show some films that depict large American electroplating plants.

Dr. Blum will also visit a number of plating and manufacturing plants in Australia, and some military establishments at the request of the U. S. Department of Defense.

En route to Australia Dr. Blum will speak to the Los Angeles Branch. In New Zealand he will speak to a few informal groups of platers, although there are no A. E. S. branches there. He expects to return to Washington about June 1, hi time to attend the A. E. S. Convention in Philadelphia.


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