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April, 1953 issue of Plating


Safely Is No Accident

THOUGH INDUSTRIAL SAFETY in this country has advanced steadily over the past decade, large numbers of employees go right on being injured or killed every year. Accidents will not be eliminated by safety rules alone because new employees may not have sufficient awareness of potential hazards and older employees tend to minimize those dangers as a result of the overconfidence of familiarity. Safety is simply a full time job for everyone.

With the traditional season now at hand for the consideration of cleanliness, order and a proper place for everything, all safety essentials, a reminder is presented that calls for a survey of on the job safety conditions. No plater, technician, engineer or shop owner should ignore even the most trivial appearing requirement since safety is a sound business procedure that results in improved efficiency and improved employee morale.

Acids, cyanides and solvents should be properly labelled and stored; protective equipment should be inspected and replaced if found defective; and first-aid stations should be checked for orderliness. Numerous items could be included on any safety checklist, however a combination of good sense and the employment of safety aids, coupled with a continual alertness for potential dangers will produce results that show safety is no accident.

Al Korbelak



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