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January, 1953 issue of Plating


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Young Purchases the Apley N. Austin Company. Dr. C. B. F. Young, consulting electrometallurgist, has purchased the Apley N. Austin Company of Pequabuck, Conn. This company manufactures a complete line of polishing and buffing compounds and also manufactures alkali cleaners.

Dr. Young will devote his time to the improvement of the products of the Apley N. Austin Company and Mr. Austin will continue to function in his capacity as Vice-President and General Manager of the company which he founded some twenty-five years ago.

Hanson Van Winkle-Munning| Sponsors Fellowship at Michigan State College. Hanson-Van Winkle-Munning Company, Matawan, N. J., announces the sponsorship of a graduate fellowship as part of its continuing long range policy of promoting the study of fundamental research in electroplating and allied fields. Joseph M. Tobin is the new fellow, elected by the faculty at Michigan State College. He will study the “Diffusion Rates of Gases Through Metal Films”.

Administration of the fellowship is under the direction of Dr. D. T. Ewing of Michigan State College. Russel H. Fay, recipient of the fellowship for the past three years, is now a teaching assistant in the College’s Physical Chemistry Department.

New Plant for Lindberg Steel Treating Company. Lindberg Steel Treating Company has expanded its Los Angeles facilities with the formal opening of a new plant located at 2910 Sunol Dr. The new quarters with 14,000 square feet of floor space triples the capacity of the company’s former plant acquired in 1948.

More than thirty furnaces and heat treating units are being installed to permit the company to handle a wide range of specialized work, as well as standard production heat treating jobs. This equipment includes controlled atmosphere hardening furnaces, tempering furnaces, hydrogen annealing furnaces, as well as equipment for Malcomizing, nitriding, induction hardening, name hardening, sand blasting and liquid honing.

Free Course in Electroplating. The Spring term for the course in Electroplat-ing from February to June at the Brooklyn Evening Technical High School, 29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, N. Y., will begin on February 2, 1953.

The course includes a review of elementary chemistry, calculations for the preparation of standard solutions, specific gravity, neutralization, pH, hydrolysis, and similar related topics. Laboratory experiment>; will include analysis of copper, nickel, chromium, an`1 silver baths; clerical an`1 physical tests of electrodeposits, Ohm’s law and current efficiency.

Registration for the course begins the week of January 15, 1953 from 7:06 P. M. to 9:00 P. M. Classes will meet Monday and Wednesday 6:45 P. M. to 8:15 P. M. and about 6:00 P. M. Friday. Ask for; Mr. L. Serota in Room BW17 February 2-3 and in Room 3E10 thereafter. The course is limited to men in the electroplating industry.

L. H. Butcher Expansion. In keeping with its expansion policy, the L. H. Butcher Company, Udylite Corporation subsidiary, is going to erect a new building in Los Angeles to house its manufacturing facilities as well as to enlarge their laboratory facilities.

The new building will also house the manufacturing unit for buffing and polishing compounds and will offer expanded production facilities for Enthone, Allied Research and Udylite products.

Anaconda Aluminum Company Formed. Anaconda Copper Mining Company has announced the completion of the organization of its subsidiary, Anaconda Aluminum Company (formerly Harvey Machine Co., Inc. of Montana). Mr. Francis O. Case, who is a vice-president of Anaconda Copper Mining Company, has been elected president of Anaconda Aluminum Company.

An aluminum reduction plant scheduled for completion early in 1954 will be built near Columbia Falls, at the base of Teakettle Mountain, in Flathead County, Mont. Two pot-lines together with accessory buildings and equipment, capable of producing 50,000 tons of aluminum annually, will be installed.

Battelle Institute Builds in Germany. The cornerstone for a new research center at Frankfurt/Main, in Germany, to serve the industry of that country, was placed in a recent ceremony. The new Battelle Memorial Institute for Germany is being established by Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio.

Simultaneously Battelle Director Clyde Williams announced that Battelle is establishing another research center at Geneva, Switzerland, and has set up a program of fellowships for selected students in the universities of both Switzerland and Germany. In addition, research centers and fellowship programs for other countries of Western Europe are contemplated for the future.

The Frankfurt research center will engage in chemical, metallurgical, and engineering research. Under construction on a site presented for the purpose by the city of Frankfurt, plans call for its occupancy in late spring of 1953.

NSPFEA Reactivated. The National Spray Painting and Finishing Equipment Association was reactivated and reorganized recently at a series of meetings in the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago.

The initial session was attended by sixteen representatives of leading companies in the industry.

Officers elected were: President, B. Hiley, Black Mfg. Co.; Vice-President, A. F. Sharpe, Sharpe Mfg. Co.; Treasurer, T. L. McCorkle, M & E Mfg. Co. Members of the Executive Committee, in addition to the officers, are: W. Starbuck, Kellogg Division of American Brake Shoe Co., and F. R. Pitt, DeVilbiss Co.

Companies represented at the sessions in addition to the above were: Binks Mfg. Co., Campbell-Elausfeld Co., Decora Mfg. Co., Electric Sprayit Co., and Passche Mfg Co.

Beckman Builds New Eastern Plant. Beckman Instruments, Inc., South Pasadena, Calif., manufacturer of scientific and industrial instruments, has started construction of a new building in Mountainside, N. J.

To be used as Eastern sales and service offices for the parent company and as an Eastern manufacturing facility for the Beckman subsidiary, Helipot Corporation, manufacturer of helical potentiometers, the new plant will be of brick, one story high, and will incorporate the latest design features for precision manufacturing. It will be located on a two-acre plot beside the main highway leading to New York. Beckman estimates more than 150 people will be employed in the new plant.

New Plant for Delanium Carbon Corporation. The new factory of Delanium Carbon Corporation at Morton Groe, 111., is now in production. The facilities of this specially designed plant are being used to produce Delanium graphite cubic heat exchangers. The plant in the future will produce Paragrid absorption and scrubbing towers and other graphite products for the chemical, metallurgical and process industries.

Bersworth Reduces Price of Versene. The Bersworth Chemical Company, Framingham, Mass., have announced that the price of Versene has been reduced by approximately 10 per cent. Versenes are powerful chelating agents widely used in chemical processing throughout industry. The reduction carries over to Versene Fe3 and covers these two products in liquid, powder and bead form.

Detroit Office Established by Aries. -The establishment of a Detroit branch office was announced this week by Dr. Robert S. Aries, President of R. S. Aries & Associates, New York, consulting firm of chemical engineers and economists.

The Detroit office will be headed by Mr. R. A. Willinganz, a chemical engineer formerly with the Union Carbide & Carbon Corporation and the Chrysler Corporation.

New Representatives for DeBothezat Fans Division. DeBothezat Fans Division of American Machine and Metals, Inc., announces the appointment of new representatives for the greater New York area and northern New Jersey.

DeBothezat’s complete line of industrial ventilating equipment will be handled in those areas by Air, Dust and Fume Control Company, with offices at 50 Church St., New York City, and Broad St., Newark, N. J.

New Plant for Parker Rust Proof Company. A new manufacturing plant to serve East Coast customers has been opened by Parker Rust Proof Company at Mountain View, N. J. Parker products for surface treatment of metals will be made and shipped from the new plant to the metalworking industry throughout the eastern part of the nation.

The new Parker plant brings the benefits of nearby supply to its customers in New England, and the Central Atlantic states. Reductions in freight costs will be gained by many manufacturers; quick delivery (overnight in many cases) will allow smaller inventories to be carried in customers’ plants. Parker’s Eastern office, formerly in New York City, is now headquartered at Mountain View, also.



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