Historical Articles

July, 1954 issue of Plating


Fourth International Conference on Electrodeposition and Metal Finishing

London, England April 20-24, 1954

The American Electroplaters’ Society can be proud of its contributions and co-operation with the Institute of Metal Finishing in participating at-the Fourth International Conference on Electrodeposition and Metal Finishing. This Conference was truly an international meeting with twelve countries represented. Our Society had nearly a score of representatives in attendance.

Of the thirty-two-papers delivered at the Conference, sixteen were presented by American authors. Most of the American authors are active members of the AES. The Conference included three and one-half days of technical sessions with over five hundred in attendance, and three evenings of gracious and impressive English hospitality which never will be forgotten by those who attended.

The technical sessions were not only extremely interesting but profitable as well. These excellent technical contributions, together with their discussions, will be available as a bound volume of the Institute of Metal Finishing by late summer. I would recommend this volume as a worthwhile addition to your electrodeposition library. Elsewhere in this issue you will find the details for the purchase of this volume at a special price for AES members.

As we congratulate our English associates on a very successful conference, the plans for the Fifth International Conference in 1958 or 1959 are under consideration. It would be fitting if the next meeting could be held in the U. S. A.

Ralph A. Schaefer

AES First Vice-President



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