Additional Compliance Assistance Resources

Regulatory Compliance Resources

Guidance Manual to Environmental Compliance. This document was prepared by metal finishing trade groups and US EPA. Although it was published in 1996, most of the regulations affecting this sector have not changed significantly. Topics covered include wastewater, stormwater, air emissions, hazardous waste, underground storage tanks, toxic chemical reporting, emergency planning and notification, toxic substance control, pollution prevention, and environmental management systems. The document is written from a federal perspective, as such users will need to check their state regulations to assure full compliance.

Metal Finishers Environmental Compliance Checklist. This document was prepared by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. It covers air, waste, and water (wastewater and stormwater). It is somewhat specific to Texas but can be adapted to any state.

Chromium Electroplaters Compliance Calendar. Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) publishes various useful resources including an annual compliance calendar for chromium electroplaters. The calendar is designed to assist chromium electroplater members with tracking of material usage and compliance assistance. It summarizes environmental regulations and provides a place for you to keep required records.

Hazardous Waste Compliance Calendar. The Kansas Small Business Environmental Assistance Program has prepared this excellent resource to assist in complying with federal hazardous waste regulations.

State Contacts. Most states list contacts that can provide confidential, environmental compliance assistance at no charge for your small business.

Environmental Management Systems

A Guide to Developing an Environmental Management System for Metal Finishing Facilities (May, 2004). US EPA document, developed in conjunction with the metal finishing industry.

A Guide to Developing an Environmental Management System for a Small Business (revised July 2011). This document was prepared by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. It is not specific to the metal finishing industry.
Self-Audit Resources

Looking for Trouble? STERC's Self-Audi Policy Page. This feature contains summaries of U.S. EPA policies and state polices and statutes. This information is intended to provide an awareness of these compliance incentives.

Self-Audit and Inspection Guide for Facilities Conducting Cleaning, Preparation and Organic Coating of Metal Parts (1998). US EPA publication that is mainly applicable to painting operations but also contains information on solvent and aqueous cleaning, wastewater treatment, and air pollution control equipment.

EPA Self-Audi Policy. The EPA Audit Policy, formally titled "Incentives for Self- Policing: Discovery, Disclosure, Correction and Prevention of Violations," provides several incentives for regulated entities to voluntarily discover and fix violations of federal environmental laws and regulations.



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Please note that many of the regulatory discussions on STERC refer to federal regulations. In many cases, states or local governments have promulgated relevant rules and standards
that are different and/or more stringent than the federal regulations. Therefore, to assure full compliance, you should investigate and comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.